Sea Turtle Nesting Tour at Aninga Lodge Tortuguero

Admire the Green Turtle Nesting (July through September)

Tortuguero is considered the most important place in the western Caribbean for the Green Turtle nesting. The green turtle nesting is one of the most interesting natural phenomena. The process, is considered the most critical period in the biological cycle of the turtle since the females have to go to the beaches in large quantities and during more or less fixed times . These concentrations and the difficulty of travel on the sand, make these species very vulnerable to man and other predators. That is the reason why the Tortuguero National Park is interested in the protection of these marine species. There is no doubt this is an experience that you should not miss when visiting the Tortuguero area during the months of July through October.

Important: This tour is operated by Grupo Pachira under the most strict quality standards, all our tours are backed up by insurance policies and certified guides. Also we support the Tortuguero National Park so we guarantee that by performing this tour with us we are paying the National Park’s fees as well as a contribution to the turtle seeker program which guarantees a low impact tour. This tour is regulated by the “Tortuguero National Park”. We strongly recommend that you get familiar with the National Park’s rules which can be found in this section of our website in order to properly enjoy the tour.

Turtle Nesting Tour Rules

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