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Surrounded by a network of the scenic canals, this Lodge is located in one of the most exotic regions of the world, characterized by its rich flora and fauna.

This lovely lodge has 32 comfortable spacious bungalows with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, hot water and ceiling fans, also there is a beautiful swimming pool.

Aninga Lodge has an excellent restaurant and bar service and we also offer bilingual guided tours throughout the Tortuguero area.

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero

While designing the place, our priority was to respect the environment, that's why 80% of the hotel is constructed 1.5 m (5 feet) above the ground. Restaurant, bungalows and walking trails are built on stilts, it allows not only to protect the natural habitat of animals but also lets you enjoy the panoramic view of the tropical rainforest. Moreover our determination to preserve the environment inspired us to create a Water Treatment Plant that prevents contamination of the waters in the area.

Also we have the most beautiful SPA in all Tortuguero! It is located on the very shore of the main Canal. While admiring the incredible view, you can enjoy a relaxing massage. The Pachira Group is proud to invite you to our SPA.

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